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Ms Edma Ohemaa Lawer

Edma Ohemaa Lawer


Edma Ohemaa Lawer is a vibrant French young lady of Ghanaian descent who is highly talented and passionate about the Oil and Gas industry, International Relations and Politics, and philanthropy. With a vision to empower young adults through YEWGlobal, networking events, and daily inspirational quotes, Ms Lawer wants to create awareness of how important it is for young adults to use their life skills and creative minds to establish a business for themselves, especially in Africa where the majority of our young adults are not privileged enough with such gift of knowledge. With an educational background in MA in International Relations and Democratic Politics and a BSc (Hons) in Oil and Gas Management, Ms Lawer plans on using her platform and knowledge to make an impact in Africa.

In 2010, Ms. Lawer started working for an online TV channel called XposureTVonline where she was in charge of the social entertainment of the African and Caribbean community as a presenter on 'What's on Weekly'. She covered events such as movie premieres, celebrity video shoots and photo shoots, beauty pageants, and much more. A year later, Ms. Lawer embarked on a journey to become the next Miss Ghana UK which she proudly secured a place by being crowned Miss Ghana UK 2011 2nd runner-up.

During her reign, she intelligently and successfully used her platform to boldly emerge into the entertainment industry as a host/TV presenter and a model by breaking the odds and becoming a household brand presenter for AkwaabaUK. Over the years, Ms. Lawer has hosted several shows and events in the UK, Ghana, and around the world such as The Ghana Movies Awards, Project Walkway Ghana, Miss West Africa UK, Miss African Queen Switzerland, Miss Ghana UK, The Sarkodie and Amakye Dede concert, Ghana Rocks concert, London Fashion Mist and many more. Edma has also made several TV appearances on ABN TV, BEN TV, VoxAfrica, GHone, and TV3.

 In 2016, Ms Lawer was assigned to support and work as the ambassador of Project Souls4Soles which she was very excited about as it allowed her to make a great impact in the lives of several children in Africa.

In May 2017, Ms Lawer came up with the idea to engage with young entrepreneurs and young influential personalities on their journey to success in the form of questionnaires provided on her blog due to the high level of views she received every day. Each week, a Young Entrepreneur is selected by Ms Lawer and a blog about their various businesses and themselves is published on the website. The sole purpose of the blog was to encourage and motivate other young adults to become entrepreneurs at an early stage of their lives by proving to them that it can be done.

Currently, Ms Lawer is the CEO of ELO Petroleum, an indigenous oil and gas service company registered and incorporated under the laws of The Republic of Ghana that provides high-quality services mainly specialised in Manpower Supply, and Equipment and Material Supply to support oil and gas companies and operations in Ghana. She also works with numerous international organisations such as One Hour For Europe and the Youth Intra-dialogue on Europe and Africa which aims to create a network with stakeholders working in the fields of the African Union-European Union relationships to give young people the chance to gain
experience from a range of local and international initiatives and transnational contacts by bringing together African and European youth and amplifying their voice across decision-making processes. 

Edma Ohemaa Lawer, stimulated with ambition and confidence strives to make an impact in the Oil and Gas industry, and the political sector by using education as her main source of enforcement to inspire young women and every individual around the world. Edma believes in a saying her mother always tells her: - "Why should the skies be your limit when there are footprints on the moon"- which simply means, never settle for less and always aim for the highest level of your abilities.

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