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Our Values At YEW Global

A company’s work culture is set in stone in its core values. They are the said guidelines in which members of YEWGlobal use as the yard stick to measure their mode of operation. 

  • Passion

Heart and Mind, is our drive to carry out our duties to the best of our capabilities. We hope to impact lives, empower minds and encourage talents to live up to their potentials.  

  • Creativity and Innovation

The evolution of YEWGlobal is based on innovation and creativity. Team members are continuously learning about new ways to effectively carry out their responsibilities

  • Team-Spirit

Together we can, a saying that best defines the need for team spirit. A goal is best attained when all hands are on board. 

  • Results Oriented

A winning attitude is the key to constantly achieving our set goals. Duties are executed in the absence of unwarranted excuses.

  • Integrity and Ethical values

As an NGO and a company, our activities are geared to impact lives, hence it is important to be associated with positive values. Every single member executes his or her duties by voiding any blemishing.

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