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The Youth Empowerment Wave Global (YEWGlobal) was created to showcase the amazing journeys of young entrepreneurs across the globe. The YEWGlobal team aim to motivate and encourage aspiring entrepreneurs, potential business owners, and young adults to establish a business at a young age by proving to each reader and viewer that it can be achieved through hard work and dedication. The YEWGlobal Magazine publishes success stories and interviews of selected individuals who have succeeded above the odds by using their creative minds, life skills, and abilities to beat a behavioural system which does not always favour the youth, especially in Africa. We aim to create awareness on education, social developments, economical growth and help educate young individuals on how to establish a business by introducing The YEWGlobal Project in Ghana. We are focus in shaping the world of young entrepreneurs through our YEWGlobal interviews on our official website which we believe will spark the creative thinking of the youth in our communities.


About Us

Our Story

YEWGlobal was established in 2017, and since our very first day, we’ve been publishing the best interviews, stories, and journeys from our exceptional young entrepreneurs to our readers. To celebrate the second year of YEWGlobal, our founder Ms Edma Ohemaa Lawer decided to transition from written interviews on her personal website to more face-to-face interviews including BTS videos and photo-shoots with the selected young entrepreneur. Our sole aim is to impact our societies and communities by introducing new projects created by the YEWGlobal team such as the YEWGlobal Foundation, the YEWGlobal Events and the YEWGlobal Magazine. At YEWGlobal, we believe in the importance of growth and of innovation. We want our name to become synonymous with quality and excellence throughout the entire globe. We do our best to ensure a permanent variety of motivational interviews along with inspirational features that will make you believe in your own abilities and success.


YEWGlobal Foundation

YEWGlobal as an NGO is in support of The YEWGlobal Foundation which aims to solely indulge in charitable activities in relation to entrepreneurial education.

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Edma Ohemaa Lawer



Hilda Attoh



Linda Wienna


Stephen Osei Kwakwa

Stephen Osei Kwakwa

Public Relations Officer

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