YEWGlobal: Guba Enterprise



Founder of GUBA Enterprise, Dentaa Amoateng MBE.

Welcome, to another exciting edition of YEW Global blog as we celebrate the month of love, excellence and black history. This week's young entrepreneur has been described by many as the 'She boss' of Ghanaian enterprises. Her passion and dedication for Ghana as a country have resulted in the establishment of an empire and one of the most prestigious annual award ceremonies for Ghanaians based in the UK. Without any doubts, I can openly state that her various contributions to our communities set her apart as an exceptional woman and a leader in her own league.

Dentaa Amoateng MBE is the founder of the GUBA Enterprise which consists of GUBA Awards, GUBA Expo, GUBA Careers and GUBA Foundation. The GUBA Awards is a non-profit organisation that focuses on enriching the African community in the UK with the aim of empowerment and growth. It is an annual event dedicated to highlighting and rewarding outstanding achievers.


The GUBA Expo is a platform for Small and Medium Businesses to exhibit their products/services whilst engaging with industry personnel on business growth strategies.

The GUBA Careers addresses the gap between those in the diaspora and those who reside in Ghana. This organisation sees to provide a platform and a bridge for recruiters to interact and meet potential candidates. This year the organisation has a range of opportunities in several fields including; Business, Politics, Law, Marketing, Technology, Construction, Education, HR and Radio.

GUBA Careers stands as a prime opportunity for investors to locate business opportunities in Ghana through interaction with local businesses present by identifying overseas strategic partnership. The GUBA Foundation is a charity set up to tackle health issues within the Afro-Caribbean community in the UK. The ethos of the GUBA brand is to uplift and encourage personal and collective growth.

Prior to the GUBA awards, Dentaa was involved in a number of personal projects such as ‘The Dentaa Show’ which was first introduced to the viewing public in 2006. The Dentaa Show was an entertainment program filled with exclusive interviews with celebrities in Ghana and the UK. Mrs Amoateng is also a Paediatric Nurse by profession, family orientated with a loving husband and four wonderful children.

In 2016, Dentaa Amoateng was honoured by Her Majesty The Queen as a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE). A year later, she received the Ghana Peace Awards Humanitarian Service Laureate in Accra, Ghana and was included on the list of the 100 Most Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs in Ghana for her work with GUBA by The African Network of Entrepreneurs.