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The YEWGlobal Innovative Programme

  • PURPOSE – We want every young adult and socially excluded individual to realise that, their creative minds and abilities to put together an idea is their greatest strength. We want to prove to the youth that their dreams are not too small and it can be achieved through the right entrepreneurial course.

  • GOALS – We aim to create awareness on education, social developments such as youth employement challeneges, economical growth and help educate young individuals on how to establish a business at a young age by introducing several YEWGlobal courses, networking events, and charitable activities, starting in Ghana. We also want to shape the world of young entrepreneurs across the globe through our YEWGlobal interviews which we believe will empower and encourage the youth in our communities.

  • VALUES – Our values are fundamental to the very existence of YEWGlobal. Following our values as a team assures us that we are on the right path and fulfilling our goals as an NGO.



Young people are empowered to use their creative minds to achieve something meaningful when they realise that they have or can create choices in life. At YEWGlobal, empowerment is defined as having the authority and power to enable conditions under which young people can act on their own behalf rather than at the direction of others. These enabling conditions fall into many categories such as an economic and social base, political will, access to knowledge, information and skills, adequate resource allocation and supportive legal and administrative frameworks; a stable environment of equality, peaceful democracy and positive value system. When these conditions are not implemented by a state or government, it brings forth political instabilities, corruption, illiteracy, poverty, low economic growth, drug abuse and crime into the system which mostly affects the youth. The African Union statistical definition of youth used in Ghana refers to the population aged 15-35 as youth who accounts for about a third (33.5%) of the country’s population with about 25% being children aged below 15 years who will eventually form the next generation of youth in the next decade. The other group of young people aged 15-24 years are mostly new entrants into the labour market from different levels of education, with limited or no work experience.

Africa is the youngest continent in the world. Children and youth ages below 30 years constitute 70% of the continent’s entire population. These young and energetic people of Africa have the potential, creativity, enthusiasm, and energy to jump-start Africa’s renaissance, however, they are the most overlooked group of people by political representatives and leaders. Ghana faces an alarming unemployment problem, and the youth especially young girls are being affected the most. In Ghana, young people ages 15–35 represent about 34% of the population. Ashanti Region has the largest share of youth population at 6.8%, followed by Greater Accra with 6.2%, while the Upper West and Upper East regions have much lower shares, at 1.0% and 1.4%, respectively, reflecting their smaller overall populations. The youth often face unique challenges transitioning into the labour market. This is reflected in a range of labour indicators.

The youth ages 15–24 are much less likely to be working than adults ages 25–65. Slightly more than half of the young people at 52% are working compared with the majority of other adults at 89%. This partly reflects on the fact that young people are still in school, but, at the same time, a larger share of young people are neither in education nor working, compared with other adults. Youth frequently work in temporary low-wage, low-productivity jobs. Due to the hardship in most African countries, the general citizen work for the little income they can get to look after their families and not necessarily because they enjoy or have a passion for what they are doing.


The YEWGlobalteam is working towards a common vision and organisational objective to attain uncommon results. YEWGlobalas a Non-Governmental Organisation aims to raise awareness on entrepreneurial education by introducing various courses, networking events, success stories, and charitable activities to help empower and educate the youth on how they can use their lifeskill, creative minds and abilities to be successful. At YEWGlobal, we believe that the youth should be given the opportunity to venture into business at a young age. This will enable the young people to cater for their families and also minimise the poverty rate in their communities.

Being a graduate in Ghana does not necessarily guaranty anyone a job, especially if the sector is competitive as most students study a course they believe will secure them a job after graduating and not because they have a passion for what they are studying. Due to the hardships in most African countries, a large amount of the population rather settles for a job with a very low income just so they can survive. There aren’t enough jobs being created both in the public and private sectors, therefore, instead of waiting for the government to generate jobs in the system, why not be your own boss, take control over your life by establishing a business with a low capital through the YEWGlobal entrepreneurial course.

This is our mindset: We believe that “you have to help yourself first before anyone can help you.”

Waiting on political leaders and representatives to make a change for a better living can take a lifetime, however, making the decision to change your personal condition of life for the better through your creative abilities, education and lifeskill lies in one's heart.


The YEWGlobal Networking Event is for young adults to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with young entrepreneurs in other to gain knowledge and interact on potential establishments. YEWGlobal believes in the benefits of bringing young adults together to share ideas and motivate each other on how to become successful. Within the next 12 months, we will hold 2 major networking events consisting of several guest speakers who will speak on the several challenges of being an entrepreneur at a young age and the benefits that also come with it.


The YEWGlobal course will teach the youth about entrepreneurship and how to be successful in various sectors such as Fashion, Beauty, IT, Agriculture, Music and Art. The courses will be divided into two batches in the space of 12 months. The first YEWGlobal course will consist of Fashion and Beauty teachings on how to dominate and be successful in these two industries. The second YEWGlobal course will teach young adults on how to create an entry into the agricultural and art sector and become entrepreneurs.


The YEWGlobal Foundation will donate to finale year students at Secondary High Schools in Ghana and also educate the students on how important it is to use their lifeskill, creative minds and abilities to become successful. We will educate them on how important it is to choose the right courses before they further their education.


The YEWGlobal website will publish success stories through our YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR Interviews each month. These success stories will narrate the many journeys of young entrepreneurs in their quest for success. The website will also include a digital magazine which will consist of several highlighted categories such as; arts, fashion, beauty, music, creative minds, and many more. The magazine will enable subscribers to relate and read about young entrepreneurs which will help them set their foundations and create ideas. The other purpose of the YEWGlobal website and the YEWGlobal digital magazine is to help promote the many businesses of our young entrepreneurs.


Our aim at YEWGlobal is very simple. We want to impact as many young individuals across the globe as we can, starting in Accra, Ghana. We want to introduce a new behavioural system to the youth by creating awareness on how important it is to use intellectual abilities combined with lifeskills, entrepreneurial and leadership skills to be successful in life.

We want to give the youth who couldn’t or wouldn’t want to further their education a second choice to be successful by creating hope for them. By doing so, we aim to boost the economy as the results of our research prove that the youth (age 15-35) has the highest rate of unemployment in Ghana.

If YEWGlobal can successfully help 10 individuals establish a business for themselves each year, that will create 50 young entrepreneurs in the next 5 years with businesses across Ghana and an estimate of 100 employees. This method will contribute to the economy of Ghana and the minimisation of the poverty rate among families in Ghana. The numbers might seem small compared to the amount of unemployed youth in Ghana, however, we at YEWGlobal believe in quality over quantity.

We want the success stories of the young entrepreneurs that we interview to motivate and encourage young individuals to establish a business for themselves. And not just that, we also want to create courses which will be fundamental to the upholding of the business, serving as pillars supporting throughout the years to come.

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