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REPORT: Beyond Degrees: Alternative Paths To Entrepreneurial Mastery Webinar

YEWGlobal Project Report

A few weeks ago, YEWGlobal Projects put together a webinar with the objective to explore and showcase alternative paths to entrepreneurial success beyond traditional degrees, highlighting diverse avenues such as vocational training, mentorship, and self-directed learning. The goal of the webinar was to also inspire and empower aspiring entrepreneurs by providing insights into the varied routes taken by successful individuals who have thrived without relying solely on formal education.

We had amazing speakers participate in the conversation to share their experiences and perspectives on specific areas of the overall subject in relation to their work and careers.

Please find the report put together by several members of the YEWGlobal Writers Team below.

Once again, we will like to thank our speakers, our participants and the YEWGlobal Team for putting together this great webinar.

YEW Global Webinar Report.
Download PDF • 76KB


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