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Young Entrepreneur Of The Week: Frederick Benneh Frimpong

The YEWGlobal team had the privilege of hearing the inspiring story of a Ghanaian farmer who has successful expanded his livestock-rearing business throughout Africa. A few weeks ago, we interviewed this entrepreneur and farmer who is passionate about educating and researching the agriculture sector.

It is our pleasure to introduce Fredrick Benneh Frimpong as our Entrepreneur of the Week.


Frederick Benneh Frimpong


Fred Frimpong is a man on a mission to revolutionise agriculture in Africa. As the CEO of Farming in Africa, he has dedicated himself to changing the narrative and perception of farming on the continent. Fred Frimpong is a hustler with a passion for entrepreneurship and agriculture. Born and raised in a small village in the Bono Ahafo Region, he started pursuing his dreams at a young age.

Fred's journey took him to Accra, the capital city of Ghana, where he set up his travel and tour company. Through his travel and tour start-up, Fred networked with a lot of people who made an impact in his life. He gained a scholarship to study in Turkey, where he met the Alison family in California. They were impressed by what he was doing and sponsored the rest of his education. Fred studied at three universities in Turkey, one university in London, and the University of San Diego and San Francisco in the United States.

Fredrick Benneh Frimpong

After studying abroad, Fred moved to Ghana and worked for Uber for two years. He finally transitioned into his passion, starting a consultancy firm and working for international companies. However, he soon realized that there was a significant lack of resources and support for farmers in the Region. To address the issue, he set up a Learning and Development (L&D) farm to conduct livestock research. Fred had three primary goals for L&D Farms. The first was to change the narrative and perspective of farming in Africa. The second was to provide farmers with the necessary tools, equipment, and innovative techniques to improve their farms. Lastly, Fred aimed to share information and data that would help farmers make informed decisions to achieve success.

Fred’s livestock farming, also called the Semanhyia Farms, began in 2008 when he wanted to start a school farm to help commercial and private farmers. He travelled to California and Mexico to learn more about agriculture and researched to gather data on profitability, cost, disease control, vaccination, adaptability, and many more. Farming in Africa boasts a large livestock farm, including chickens, cattle, and goats.

Thanks to Fred's dedication and hard work, the farm has become a shining example of what can be achieved with innovative techniques and a commitment to excellence. Through his work with Farming in Africa, Fred Frimpong is making a significant impact on the agricultural industry in Africa. Fred’s inspiration is driven by service, commitment, perseverance, patience, time, and dedication. He also wants to inspire and encourage young agricultural entrepreneurs to give it their all.

Farming in Africa under Fred's leadership has become a beacon of hope for farmers and entrepreneurs across the continent.

Face to Face Interview


The team at YEWGlobal wishes Mr Fredrick Benneh Frimpong all the best in his next endeavours. We can't wait to have an update on your success journey.


We hope you enjoyed this week's edition of the YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR OF THE WEEK.

See You all Soon!


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